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The value of Like and Facebook "fraud"

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The value of Facebook likes

When it comes to social media, Facebook is one of the smartest ways to help you expose your products, services to your customers. The success of a Facebook marketing campaign is measured by the number of “LIKEs” on Facebook. But how valuable is Facebook like?

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Facebook likes are the way to spread your brand on Facebook. More likes you receive, more people know about your brands, products. Is it true? Yes, it is somewhat true. But Facebook and many Internet Marketers exaggerated the value of Likes. By this way, more and more people are willing to pay a large lump sum of money to hire Internet Marketing experts or at least hiring Virtual Assistant for Internet Marketing oversea (Vietnam, Philippines, India…) to boost, promote likes on their Facebook fanpages. They just forget the ultimate goal is to make people involve and feel interested in your brands or products; and decide to buy your products (in case of Facebook stores). Even Facebook also exploits this chance to earn money.

When managing your Facebook fanapge, it is easy to see a link “Get More Likes” with the Facebook’s promise “Connect with more of the people who matter to you”. My fanpage (Vietnam Outsource), for example, I paid $100 and the likes rolled in. Within a couple of hours, the number of likes reached 500 from 200 likes. Actually, first I was so delighted with this number of Likes, but I realized that 300 likes were nonsense to me and my business. My business is to provide Virtual Assistant services and some tasks of Internet Marketing; the target customers are in North America, Europe, and Australia. In fact, 300 likes that I just had received were from India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Philippines. These people were so suspicious; they didn’t really feel interested in my fanpage, my services; they just clicked like unawarely. These are FAKE LIKES.

Once again, LIKE is very important to Facebook fanpage, not every like has the same value. Likes from people who are in your target customers or target audiences with high engagement with your pages are the most important. I think I would rather have 200 Likes from people who are interested in Virtual Assistant and Internet Marketing than 20000 Likes but only 300 people really interested in Virtual Assistant or Internet Marketing.

It is not easy to eliminate fake likes from a Facebook fanpage with thousands like. All you can do is target your audiences or customers and post around them. Do not post something rambling; it will help you acquire more quality engagement and real audience.

I wrote this article is not to criticize Facebook or someone who highly value the Facebook likes. All I want is to spread a message that “Like is good, but don’t forget who is the real audiences, real customers”.

You can see a video by Veritasium. This man can help you understand more about the “Facebook fraud” and the real value of Facebook likes.

Veritasium facebook fraud

By the way, I want to thank Veritasium very much for making this video. It is very useful to help me detect my fault relating to Marketing myopia.

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